Tips on Shaving your Head

Tips on Shaving your Head

Whether for a fashion statement or due  to hair loss, shaved heads are certainly becoming far more common than they were in the past. Despite popular belief, shaving your head isn’t as simple as it looks.

If you’re ready to commit to a shaved head, check out these tips!

When to Shave Your Head

Determining when to shave your hair is crucial.  Going from a head full of hair to completely bald is a huge risk, especially because you cannot see what you look like. If you’re contemplating making that big of a leap, make sure to speak with your hairdresser and ask for their recommendation. If you’re already halfway balding, you pretty much already know what you look like.

How to Shave Your Head

Rely on the expertise of a hairdresser, at least for the first time you’re shaving your head. The shaved head will be easier to maintain in the future and you’ll avoid any issues.

The Actual Process

The entire process goes much smoother if you cut your hair short first, rather than just going in with the razor. After you’ve cut your hair, it will be easier to get rid of the rest of your hair with the razor. As for the actual shaving part, consider shaving your head in the shower. It sounds weird, but your scalp is the most soft when wet, which makes shaving way easier.

Of course, not everyone is shaving their hair is doing so by choice. Aging or illness can lead many to go bald sooner than they would like. If you want you’re suffering with hair loss and want to try out scalp micropigmentation, a new service that can fill in the hairline with pigment, check out companies like Team Micro. No matter what you choose, leave the stress about your hair in the past!

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