What’s The Relation Between Coffee & Hair Loss?

What’s The Relation Between Coffee & Hair Loss?

Numerous factors lead to hair loss in humans. Some of them are natural, while others are men-made. As much as you want to avoid hair loss, gain knowledge about these factors, and handle them properly for a smooth experience. One such factor is coffee. Let’s try to find out whether coffee strengthens your hair or causes them to fall out. 

People tend to drink coffee to stay energetic for late-night client calls or exam preparation. There is nothing wrong in it as coffee does its job superbly. But did you know that excessive coffee intake can lead to hair loss? 

Many coffee drinkers who survive on caffeine and consume a lot of it regularly tend to report mild to severe hair loss problems. The condition is not the same with every coffee drinker. However, it’s always good to know about its side-effects, so you know what you are getting yourself into. 

One of the main reasons why coffee leads to hair loss is because excessive caffeine blocks iron and other minerals from getting absorbed in the body. Besides, it also prevents the hair & scalp from receiving calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Sometimes, the situation gets out of hands so much so that even the iron supplements stop working.

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